Chapel tower


Office of the Dean
The Rev. Dr. Luke A. Powery
Dean of Duke University Chapel
Ava West
Assistant to the Dean
The Rev. Bruce Puckett
Assistant Dean of Duke University Chapel
The Rev. Joshua Lazard
C. Eric Lincoln Minister for Student Engagement and Interim Director of Religious Life
The Rev. Breana van Velzen
Community Minister
Gale Pettiford
Staff Assistant for Ministry
Dr. Zebulon Highben
Director of Chapel Music
Dr. Philip Cave
Associate Conductor for Chapel Music
Christopher Jacobson, FRCO
Chapel Organist
Dr. Robert Parkins
University Organist
John Santoianni
Curator of Organs and Harpsichords
Amanda Millay Hughes
Director of Development and Strategy
Joni Harris
Business and Facilities Manager
James Todd
Communications Manager
Kevin Goldfarb
Communications Specialist
Mark King
Hospitality Coordinator
Lisa Moore
Accounting Specialist and Office Coordinator
Erica Thomas
Staff Assistant for Development
David-Michael Kenney
Wedding Coordinator and Visitor Relations Assistant
Caroline Horton
Visitor Relations Assistant
Blanche Williams
Wedding Director
Ann Hall
Visitor Relations Assistant
Wanda Cobb
Visitor Relations Assistant
Antoinette L. Bethea
Visitor Relations Assistant
Jane Kelly
Visitor Relations Assistant
Keshia Perry
Visitor Relations Assistant
Alexandria Da Ponte
Visitor Relations Assistant
Shawn Proffitt
Visitor Relations Assistant
Oscar Dantzler
University Housekeeper
Beverly Jordan
University Housekeeper